Living with Grief Weekend

"There is no real preparation for the death of someone we love. Whether the death is unexpected or long anticipated, when it comes, it leaves us in shock as we struggle to find our equilibrium in this unexplored landscape of grief" Petrea King

Finding a way forward

The death of a loved one leaves us feeling profoundly sad - but we can also feel angry, disoriented, lost, stuck, bitter, confused or bereft of our identity. While the loss of someone dear to us is bound to cause us grief, the shared experience can help us traverse this difficult landscape and begin or continue our healing journey.

Grief can isolate us in our pain and distress, as our culture encourages us to 'keep a stiff upper lip' and to 'manage'. While grief may not be visible to others, it can render us helpless as we stumble about in the dark of our sorrow and loss. Grief can be a bleak and lonely place but Healing Grief can shed light in the darkness and help you find a pathway forward.

Our nationally acclaimed programs change people's lives in practical and positive ways. People generally leave confident in their ability to meet the significant challenges they face.

You will leave this program

  • understanding the complexities of grief
  • feeling less isolated and more empowered to navigate sorrow and loss
  • with practical tools for self-care and self-nurturing
  • knowing how to meditate, live mindfully and switch off the stories in your mind
  • understanding yourself more deeply
  • inspired to heal a broken heart and with an enlivened spirit

Programs includes

  • Friday - Arrival 2-3pm. Dinner, accommodation, welcome session and workbook. 
  • Saturday - breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, accommodation and all sessions
  • Sunday - Departure 4pm. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and all sessions.  


“At Quest for Life, I had a crash course in courage. I see people - often women - who have been broken by grief and trauma. Pain is etched on their weary faces. Some of their lives seem unbearable to me. I see their faces soften, those deep lines relax, a hesitant smile play on their lips. They speak a hopeful sentence or two. These programs, carefully crafted and delicately tailored, open hearts and build solidarity. They teach us how to rebuild our shattered lives, how to engage with our pain and play with the possibilities of healing and a brighter future. We learn about the latest research, to guide and support us. At Quest, we find a home.” Wendy

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