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    Sookie Rainbow Bear

    Sookie is handmade in Peru, Sookie is a wonderful addition to the Rainbow Collection initiative of the Quest for Life Foundation.

    Sookie, the delightful rainbow bear , is knitted using all the colours of the rainbow. Soft and cuddly, Sookie will make a treasured toy for both children and adults alike. While the larger version of Sookie, featured in Petrea's children's book, RAINBOW KIDS, is a snuggly comfort in bed, the smaller Sookie is sized to easily be popped into a pocket, a bag or even a hand when a connection is much needed to help with life's many challenges. Together with Petrea's books YOU, ME & THE RAINBOW, RAINBOW KIDS, THE RAINBOW GARDEN, and the RAINBOW CONNECTION CD, Sookie will help fill our world with the powerful, healing colours of a rainbow.

    Sookie is lovingly made by women in Lima Peru. The purchase of these bears not only helps to further the work of Quest for Life, but also helps to contribute to a better way of life for these women.
    The purchase of this product supports people in great need. Thank you.

    Small $15, approximately 11cm high
    Large $25, approximately 28cm high


    Please allow 10-14 days for delivery as we are shipping from a regional town.