Petrea King CDs

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    Tranquil Night

    Whether you are feeling stressed and finding sleep elusive or you have disturbed or restless sleep, this practice will help you establish new and healthy sleeping habits.

    The beautiful hypnotic music of Mars Lasar accompanies this practice where Petrea leads you gently into deep and restorative sleep.

    You are guided through a full progressive relaxation and then into a practice that ensures sound and healing sleep.

    There is additional information about helping you to achieve good sleeping habits in the included booklet Keys to Help You Sleep Better.

    Track 1... Tranquil Night Meditation

    The regular use of this practice will ensure that you enjoy tranquil nights. Use the practice both going to sleep and/or returning to sleep. Be patient with yourself as you learn new ways of preparing yourself for deep, refreshing and restful sleep. For best effect, use this practice regularly (50 mins).

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