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    The Rainbow Garden

    Do you love rainbows and worms? The children in this story do. They love to play in the rainbow garden with the mud and the worms who work really hard to ‘chomp and chew, digest and poo to make the rainbow garden’. However, when the worms start to feel unloved, the garden fades and the children have to find a way to make the rainbow garden shine again.

    This delightful story of love and compassion will appeal to all children who love rainbows, nature and especially worms. It’s a story about not judging and embodies an appreciation for the contribution that can be made by everyone regardless of how they look or seem.

    This is Petrea King's third children’s book and Deb Warren's first. Patricia Howell, who also illustrated the wonderful You, Me & the Rainbow has again brought her magic brush to its pages

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